The Collaborative of the SCFD
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About The Collaborative of the SCFD

The Collaborative of the SCFD is a 501(c)(3) non-profit membership organization comprised of 34 arts, culture and science organizations that are funded by the SCFD, a tax district of the seven-county Denver metro area. The Collaborative of the SCFD works closely with the SCFD but is a separate entity. Members of The Collaborative pay annual dues to participate in educational outreach, marketing, peer networking and trainings and other capacity-building endeavors. The Collaborative serves the public through programs and champions the SCFD in all that we do. This unique coalition has brought together diverse organizations to work collaboratively for over 25 years.

Mission: The Collaborative of the SCFD empowers scientific and cultural organizations through collaboration and capacity-building for the benefit of the public.

Vision: Together we will be leaders in advocacy, collaborators on opportunities and challenges in our fields, and providers of access to rich artistic, scientific, and cultural opportunities for all members of our community.

Lakewood, Colorado, United States