Holzer Patel Drennan

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About Holzer Patel Drennan


We bring out the best in our clients’ endeavors using creative legal and technical perspectives.

To Be the Best, Work with the Best

Holzer Patel Drennan was formed in 2011 with one question in mind:

How do we bring out the best?

It’s a question we ask ourselves often.

Bringing out the best has always been about adding value to our clients’ business. We listen. We work collaboratively. We bring out the best by focusing on the big picture strength and growth of the technologies, brands, expressions, and trade secrets we help protect.

Being the best is also about our people. We began by creating a workplace where everyone felt safe, respected, and able to grow. How we achieve this continues to evolve. As we learn, we grow.

We’re an amazing team, and we’re a happy team. We’re committed to diversity, and we encourage our people to live, work, and play with authenticity. We strive every day to be a safe place to work.

Holzer Patel Drennan is based in Denver with an office in Minneapolis. We work with businesses of all sizes, nationally and internationally. Hybrid/remote work options are options.

Let us help you bring out your best.

Denver, Colorado, United States